Caring For God’s Acre

Caring For God's Acre St Marys Church Billingsley 2015

Caring For Gods-Acre

Year of the Burial Ground 2020

There are over 20,000 burial grounds in England and Wales ranging from small rural medieval churchyards to large Victorian city cemeteries, spanning different cultures, religions and centuries.

Cumulatively, this area is similar to that of Exmoor National Park and yet these unique spaces are distributed in a way that makes the heritage within them accessible for a significant number of people.

Appealing to many who are interested in local history and the natural world, burial grounds encapsulate the history of communities whilst offering sanctuary to our native wildlife.

Caring for God’s Acre is dedicated to the conservation of all burial grounds. They work to keep burial grounds beautiful, accessible and connected to their communities. This year they are celebrating their 20th year with a Year of the Burial Ground – raising the profile of these unique spaces and the many volunteers who look after them.

At St Mary’s we have relied upon Caring for God’s Acre to offer invaluable support, guidance and volunteers for several years to manage the church yard to meet its aims in nurturing a sanctuary for both wildlife and the local community.

Do look out for forthcoming events when you can join the volunteers in their work at St Mary’s. Everyone is very welcome to come along.

Anyone who is interesting in becoming involved don’t hesitate to contact the church via the ‘contact us’ information.

For more information on the work of Caring for God’s Acre visit their website at