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9 11

Thought for the week 11th September; 9 – 11

I remember the afternoon of the 11th September 2001. I had just gone into the lab at work to do an experiment; as usual, the radio was on and Alex, my post-doc was busy. He turned to me and said “two planes have just hit the World Trade Centre”. I normally tried to shut the […]

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2021-09-03 17.31.22

Billingsley 100 Club celebrates it’s first birthday

The Friends of Billingsley 100 Club has celebrated it’s first birthday. During the first 12 months no fewer than 36 individual prizes have been won totally £1,536. In addition £1,286 has been raised for the upkeep of St Marys and community projects. Last autumn heating for the church was purchased from the club funds and money […]

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david walk

Final Evening Summer Walks – Thursday 30th September

David has led many evening walks throughout the Summer in and around Billingsley. Every walk has been accompanied by glorious weather and David’s astounding local knowledge; he is always quick to give an insight into the past and able to answers lots of questions. The final Summer walk for the year takes place on Thursday […]

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Thought for the week 4th September – Shame

As the sad events in Afghanistan have unfolded, I’ve been struck by the number of people, often who served in there, commenting on the sense of shame they feel at the way we as a nation have treated those Afghans who helped our armed forces. I don’t think you need level any criticism at politicians […]

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