The Bell Tower Appeal

St Marys Church Billingsley Bell Tower

The Bell Tower Appeal

Work is finally due to start on both the bells (north & south) and bell tower of St Mary’s Billingsley and is expected to take in the region of 10 weeks. Fund raising started in August 2008 following the quinqenial report. The bells have not been rung for over a decade and we are hoping that all the work may be finished in time for them to be rung for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Both bells are significantly important in the history of St Mary’s church and the local area. One bell dates from the fourteenth century, and is listed for preservation, and the other is inscribed ‘God Save The Queen A. R. 1707’ and was cast by Abraham Rudall of Gloucester. The Queen mentioned on the bell is Queen Anne.

Over £50,000 has been raised from: Grants:

£25,000 English Heritage
£7,000 Shropshire Historic Churches Trust
£5,000 Archbishops Council
£1000 Anna Evans Memorial Trust
£1000 Skinners Company
£500 Manifold Trust
£100 Sharpe Trust
£4,500 Your Heritage
£750 All Churches Trust Local fund raising and donations:
£2500 St Mary’s fabric fund
£1190 sponsorship 2011 Bridgnorth Walk
£400 Bridgnorth Walk Committee award 2011
£1605 donations
£399 Eggs and book sales
£1910 assorted fundraising events
£540 Gift aid

We will keep you updated as work progresses:St Marys Church Billingsley Bell Tower