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Glazeley War Memorial in May 1935, on the occasion of a march through the county by the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, to mark the silver jubilee of King George V. The vicar is the Rev Reg Southwell.

The war memorial stands by the roadside and records the names of all the men from Glazeley, Deuxhill and Eudon who fought in the First World War. Made of Northamptonshire stone, it was erected in 1920, to the design of J.A. Gotch.

Pte H.T. Armstrong, KSLI

Pte H.T. Baker KSLI

Pte P Barrand NF

Pte G Bowen RE

Pte H Davies RAMC

Pte F Drew RASC

Pte A.E. Goodman RGA

Pte C Goodman KSLI

Trp A.H. Harrison NZ MRB

Pte C James KSLI

Pte S James KSLI

Pte C.L. Jones LG

Pte C.T. Mullard RWF

Trp C.W. Mullard Shrops Yeom

Pte A Palmer GRWS Rgt

Dr G.E. Palmer RE

Pte J Pritchard RWF

Pte A.F. Smith KSLI

Pte H.G. Smith RFA

Pte V.H. Smith Man Rgt

Dr A.L. Weaver RASC

Lt P.J. Crook DLOY Killed 1917

Pte W Davies Royal Warws Killed 1918

Lt A.J.C. Armstrong N Staffs Reg

Lt A.W. Armstrong KSLI

Sgt W.F. Harrison Glos Rgt

Lc Sgt A.E. Jones Welsh Gds

Cpl F Jones RAF

Lc Cpl W.H. Jones KLR

Inst R.W. Jones RASC Mt