Caring for God’s Acre at St Mary’s

I took this picture on Friday in Billingsley churchyard. Our churchyard has benefitted from the attentions of the Caring for God’s Acre team. These are a group of volunteers who will come a couple of times a year to manage churchyards to encourage wildlife. Churchyards such as ours have existed for around a thousand years and have been managed simply by cutting the grass from time to time. As a result, they are rich in flowers such as Bugle and Forget-me-nots, as in this picture. We also have a churchyard mouse, a newt and we have just put up a bird box, made by local carpenter George Poyner. All the churchyards in our benefice are open; Glazeley has a wonderful tree in flower next to the church, so please visit and enjoy them if you can. Jesus found inspiration from flowers; he famously told people to look at lillies to see how God cares for all things (Luke 12:27). So if you are able, say a prayer of thanks for the natural world and for the love shown by those for work for Caring for God’s Acre. Please also visit their website and think if you can support them; they do not charge us but each visit costs them £250.

For more information regarding the work Caring for God’s Acre have undertaken at St Mary’s visit the Green Church page on this website.