Christmas Draw of Billingsey 100 Club

On Friday 4th December at 3.30pm Mr Rob Pace drew the balls from the bag for our first Christmas Draw when all money collected by the 100 Club goes into the prize fund. The first number to be draw was 72 and Mr A Leather took the top prize of £120. Number 94 made a second appearance in two draws and scooped a second prize of £60 for Mrs S Bowen and the third prize went to  Mr J Dunbavin, number 28.

Congratulation to all the lucky winners and thank you to all 60 members who are supporting the 100 Club.

Since September there have been 12 separate prizes totalling almost £600. £340 has been raised to contribute to the upkeep of the church building and future community projects. Given the challenging year we have all faced this source of income has been a lifeline to enable the church to continue.

Wishing all our supporters seasons greetings, good health and happiness.