More infectious than the virus…


More infectious than the virus….

This post is shamelessly inspired by a recent “Thought for the Day” on Radio 4 by the Rev Dr Sam Wells, one of the deeper thinkers in the Church today. He talks about the power of touch, physical touch which is of course is now so difficult and “virtual” touch over the internet or the phone. Jesus, in a crowd, was touched by a woman with menstrual bleeding. Under religious law, she was unclean, to be shunned by those around her; by touching Jesus, she had made him unclean as well. But now the situation was reversed; it was Jesus’s love that was the stronger, more powerful than religious taboo, able to heal the woman.


The love of God, that same love that we see at work in our communities today, is more powerful, more infectious, than any virus. I join with Sam Wells in praying that it continues to infect our society long after the Covid virus has gone.


You can listen the broadcast now by clicking on the link below or alternatively by cutting and pasting this link; It is under 3 minutes so give it a go!