Second “Sing-a-long” Sunday

We held out second “Sing-a-long” Sunday at the weekend, and with numbers up on the first one, it is proving to be a popular format! Churchwarden Zoe Baggott said, “our sing-a-long Sunday is something different in the area. It is a chance for people to come together and sing their favourite hymns over a glass of wine and light refreshments. But in addition, we include a “topical interlude” in the middle where we invite a guest speaker to deliver an informal talk on a topic of interest”.

This weekend, the topical interlude was delivered by Paul Stedman who spoke about community defibrillators. Paul, who is a member of the Parochial Church Council is also the managing director of “Cognet Ltd”, a private company which specialises in delivering training in first aid, compliance, and health and safety. He spoke at length about the value of community defibrillators, how they work and the different ways in which communities can obtain the relevant funds to purchase one. Carrying on with the first aid theme, Lydia Baggott (age 8) shared some news around her experience of helping a friend who had a nosebleed whilst on a recent school trip. Lydia knew what to do as she had just received first aid training through the 2nd Cleobury Mortimer Brownies. Lydia received an additional “Good Deed” badge from Brown Owl as a result of her actions!

Sing-a-long Sunday finished once again with a rousing rendition of “Jerusalem”, which has now become the standard finale!

The next Sing-a-long Sunday will be on Sunday 10th May at 6pm. All are invited. Don’t forget to bring a bottle! Anyone wishing to request a hymn in advance, or even volunteer to deliver a topical interlude, is asked to get in touch through the contact us page.

Pictured are FRONT - Lydia Baggott (8) with her Brownie "Good Deed" badge MIDDLE - Mr George Poyner, Rev'd Val Smith and Mrs Mary Nelson BACK - Paul Stedman

Pictured are FRONT – Lydia Baggott (8) with her Brownie “Good Deed” badge MIDDLE – Mr George Poyner, Rev’d Val Smith and Mrs Mary Nelson BACK – Paul Stedman