St Mary’s welcomes all!

We welcomed some very special overseas visitors last month who had travelled from the USA. They share their family name with that of our village, Billingsley. We hope they enjoyed their visit; their comments in the visitor book would seem to suggest they did.

Looking through the visitor book no fewer than 29 entries have been made so far this year. This is something of a record and certainly makes up for the times when visiting was difficult during the pandemic. Many of the comments left by visitors make note of how special St Mary’s is and they are pleased to find the church open. We are quite sure that many more have visited but preferred not to leave a comment.

The church is always open and welcomes all regardless of faith or those of non faith. The church and it’s grounds offer a quiet space for contemplation, reflection and prayer. It is also full of many significant historical features, local history and interesting artifacts.; leaflets are available to guide you around the church and provide background information. There is also a well used book exchange which visitors are welcome to take advantage of.