Thought for the week, 28th March; Holding Truths

I write this at the end of the week that has seen the first anniversary of lock-down. We have had the first real spring sunshine; in spare moments I have been planting in the garden, anticipating the summer that lies ahead. But this has been against a background of the grim memories of the previous year; the interviews with people whose lives were torn apart over the last twelve months in ways which neither I nor they could possible have anticipated. And I honestly do not know what the future will be over the summer; I trust the vaccines will do their work, I am looking forward to being able to get out and about again but just over the Channel we observe the third wave starting. In Brazil, deaths are now running at 3000 a day. Those figures rather put into context my disappointment at cancellation of the Burwarton Show.


Against this background, the Christian Church moves into Holy Week. Those who follow this will be aware it is a roller-coaster of emotions; celebration on Palm Sunday and Maunday Thursday followed by the solemnity of the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. Easter Saturday is an in-between day, with the great rejoicing on Easter Sunday. Even those outside the church might notice the difference between a Hot Cross Bun and an Easter Egg! Holy Week is a lesson in how to hold together conflicting emotions. Good Friday tells of how we must face reality, that the worst can happen. But Easter Sunday points to an even greater truth; that when the worst happens, God still is; love still is.