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October 100 Club draw

100 Club Draw Results – October 23

The draw took place today at St Mary’s Church the lucky numbers were drawn by Sue Russell from Church Cottage.

Here are the lucky numbers:

1st = 95 D Poyner

2nd = 3 S Middleton

3rd = 78 B Williams

A huge Congratulations 👏🏻 to all the Winners your prize money is on the way to you, and thank you for your continued support, it’s very much appreciated.

We still have numbers available if anyone would like to join and support St Mary’s.


September ‘harvest’ 100 club draw

100 Club Draw Results – Sept 23

The draw took place at St Mary’s Church @ the Harvest Festival Service, the lucky numbers were drawn by Stewart Page our guest speaker.

Here are the lucky numbers

1st = 72

2nd = 44

3rd = 3

A huge Congratulations 👏🏻 to all the Winners your prize money is on the way to you, and thank you for your continued support, it’s very much appreciated.

We still have numbers available if anyone would like to join and support St Mary’s.

July draw of the 100 Club

100 Club Draw Results

Following the service at St Mary’s yesterday, we asked our guest speaker Caroline John to do the honours for us. Congratulations 👏🏻 to the Winners your prize money is on the way to you.

1st –  47, 2nd – 60, 3rd –  31

June draw of the 100 Club

On Friday 2nd June one of the newest members of the 100 Club, Sue, drew the winning numbers from the bag. First to be drawn was number 12 winning Richard £47. The second and third prizes both worth £24.50 went to Donna, number 62 and Win, number 42. Congratulations to the lucky winners and as usual a huge thank you to all of those who support the 100 Club.

From this month we have a new promoter. Diane Stepney has very kindly offered to take on the role and ensure the continuation of the 100 Club. Full details of the Club can be found on the appropriate pages of this website.

A busy morning at St Mary’s

Gary makes the May draw

It has been a very busy morning at St Mary’s. We were visited by Richard, our appointed architect, who came to carry out the statutory quinquennial inspection on behalf of the diocese. We await his report with great anticipation.

Today was the scheduled date of the 100 Club May draw and who better to invite to do the honours than Gary who just happened to be visiting. He is a volunteer for the Shropshire Churches Tourism Group and was conducting his own survey in order to update the next edition of ‘The Churches of Shropshire’. Another publication that we will await with excitement.

Gary was truly delighted to make the draw and have his photograph taken. He drew number 14 out first winning Amanda £48. It was kept in the family when ball number 80 was then drawn belonging to her mother Jenny who won £24 and finally number 31 came out of the bag securing a similar prize for Richard.

The bunting is out and the church has had a spruce up in anticipation of the congregation for a service of celebration for the coronation that will be held at 4pm on Sunday. Refreshments will follow and a glass of bubbly to toast King Charles III. Everyone is welcome to come along.

The April Draw!!

The April draw of the 100 club was delayed by one week due to Good Friday. On the 14th of April number 70 was drawn for the very first time and won Alan and Liz £47. Numbers 59 and 47 won Evelina and Ellen £23.50 each. Congratulations to all the lucky winners.

At the time of writing this report the 100 Club has come to the rescue of the water supply system at the church and had enabled the purchase of a new water pump. Sadly there now seems to be another problem with the private water supply system but thanks to the generous support of 100 Club members we are able to investigate further and if necessary, book a call out with an engineer. If this had happened a few years ago this would simply have not been possible. This is another example of how the 100 Club is making a very tabgable difference to the community of Billingsley. We thank our members most sincerely.

The March Draw of the 100 Club

Yellow was the colour for the lucky winners of the March draw! David’s number 95 won 1st prize (£47) whilst Donna (81) and Bob (73) have both received cheques for £23.50 each. Special congratulations go to Bob who is now no longer a member of a very exclusive group of members who are yet to win. A huge thank you as ever to all those who support the Club!

The 100 Club has provided an invaluable income source which has funded events for the community and the upkeep of St Mary’s Church. The 100 Club is now in need of a new promoter to ensure that it can continue into the future. The job is not arduous and full support would be provided for anyone who would take on the role. Please get in touch if you are interested; we would be delighted to hear from you.

First 100 Club draw of the year

The first 100 Club draw of the year took place today. Number 43 was drawn first making its 4th appearance winning Jenny £43. First time winners David and Michael won £23 each when their numbers 66 and 29 were drawn.

During 2022 the 100 Club has funded essential roof repairs to the church, work to the guttering and hosted events to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. A huge thank goes to all members of the Club whose support has been so important and very much appreciated. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may good fortune arrive for all.

If you wish to join the I00 Club and support either St Mary’s Church , Billingsley or St Bartholomew’s Church, Glazeley do get in touch or visit

October results of the 100 Club

The 26th 100 Club draw took place on Friday 7th October. The first number to be drawn was 81 and won Donna £45, number 85 was second out of the bag and won Edward £22.50 and finally Paul won £22.50 when his number, 97, was drawn third.

We have several three time winners and I am sure that it won’t be long before one of them becomes a fourth time winner. Alas there are a small minority who are yet to have their number drawn. Special sympathies must go to David who has 4 numbers and is yet to win a penny.

If you would like to join the club numbers are always available. Go to for full details and an application form.

A huge thank you once more to all those who support the 100 Club; you really are making a difference!

September draw of the 100 Club

The 25th draw of the Friends of Billingsley 100 Club took place yesterday, Friday 3rd, and Rob did the honours; thank you! Two fat ladies, 88 won John the top prize of £45, Colin’s number 22, two little ducks, was drawn 2nd netting him £22.50 and finally number 76 belonging to Rebecca’s won her £22.50.

A huge thank you to all those members who renewed their membership last month during these challenging economic times. However, membership can be taken out at any time and there is now the choice to support either Billingsley or Glazeley church and of course community projects.