October results of the 100 Club

The 26th 100 Club draw took place on Friday 7th October. The first number to be drawn was 81 and won Donna £45, number 85 was second out of the bag and won Edward £22.50 and finally Paul won £22.50 when his number, 97, was drawn third.

We have several three time winners and I am sure that it won’t be long before one of them becomes a fourth time winner. Alas there are a small minority who are yet to have their number drawn. Special sympathies must go to David who has 4 numbers and is yet to win a penny.

If you would like to join the club numbers are always available. Go to https://www.stmarys-billingsley.org.uk/friendsofbillingsley100club/ for full details and an application form.

A huge thank you once more to all those who support the 100 Club; you really are making a difference!